Happy Birthday Little Sister!6

Posted on April 16, 2008 by ChristieFood News

I have two lovely little sisters (and a lovely brother) and it’s one of their birthdays today. They’re actually not that little to tell you the truth, they’re well into their twenties, but hey, they’ll always be little to me.

The sad thing is that I’m not in the same country as them at the moment, so my little sister Nicole is going to have to accept this picture of a delicious Beard Papa cream puff rather than a homemade cake. I ate it for you too, Nic!

Now before you all start giving me the evil eye for eating her birthday present, you’ll be very happy to know that last year I made Nicole and her best friend Laura a four course dinner made entirely of chocolate and they loved it!

The indulgent menu consisted of milk chocolate dipped strawberries, chicken with chocolate chilli sauce, chocolate chip muffin pudding with ferrero roche and cream and handmade chocolate truffles served with hot chocolate.

My sister is the biggest chocolate lover I know (apart from my mum) and she couldn’t even finish it all. So I lovingly wrapped up the remaining truffles for her to take home and indulge at her leisure.

Happy birthday little sister, see you in two weeks!

Happy eating, Christie

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