Can I eat this if I’m pregnant?3

Posted on September 8, 2012 by ChristieFood News

Don’t get excited. I’m NOT pregnant.

However, I was going through some keywords on Google Analytics, and found an alarming amount of search phrases asking if certain things can be eaten when pregnant. Someone typed them in and found my blog.

I can’t even remember talking about that on here? Can you? Anyway, some of them are hilarious, so I just *had* to share.

Here they are, completely unedited. I promise, hand-on-my-heart, I am not making any of these up! I really hope you ladies found your answer here on the blog, but I’m guessing you didn’t. Sorry about that.

*Note: my answers are for entertainment purposes only. Please seek proper medical advice from your doctor if you really are curious about the below questions.*

  • Can I eat a burger from Grill’d if I am pregnant? If you feel like a burger, eat it girl! Probably not if it’s raw though. That’s one of the horrible bits about being pregnant – no rare meat. ps. Grill’d is a chain ‘healthy’ burger restaurant.
  • Can I eat Moreton Bay bug while pregnant? Only if someone else is paying for it. Then eat a lot! It’s not cheap, you know?
  • Can pregnant women eat Le Pain Quotidien egg salad? Can pregnant women be trusted to share all the communal condiments at Le Pain Quotidien restaurants should be your question… preggies are super hungry! (Speaking from experience).
  • Craving hawaiian pizza while pregnant. So this is where these all came from!! Yes me too! Hawaiian pizza was a once-a-week event during my pregnancy. The really cheap ones from chains. SO GROSS. Makes me want to puke just thinking about it now.

For those of you who have found this page via Google and really want some advice about what is safe to eat during pregnancy, then here is a great guideline by the NSW government food authority. And, *shameless plug*, you might want to check out my other blog Poppy Seed Baby.

Have you ever googled to check if something is safe to eat?

Christie x

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