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Posted on May 7, 2013 by ChristieCompetitions

Update 15/5/2013: This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner Leah.

Want Lorraine Elliott to write you a personal message on the inside cover of her new book? Yes, I think you do!

If you haven’t heard about this new book yet, then let me enlighten you. Lorraine writes the super delicious blog Not Quite Nigella and has just released a book subtitled ‘My Path to Happiness through Baking and Blogging’.

It’s part memoir and part cookbook (there’s recipes) and is 100% fantastic!

Yes, I’m a teeny tiny bit biased because she is my pal, but if you’re in the mood for a funny, uplifting and inspirational read then this is the book for you.

I cheekily pre-ordered two copies thinking that I would ask her to sign one for my readers so I could give it away. Luckily she said yes when I finally asked her! Better still, she’s going to wait until after I choose a winner so she can personally address it to you – pretty cool huh?


Leave a comment below answering one simple question:

Why do you desperately NEED to read this book?

Most creative answer wins! I’ll choose the winner next Tuesday 14th May and announce it here on this blog post as well as via Facebook and Twitter. Also check your inbox that day for an email from me requesting your address.

Best of luck!

Christie x

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored giveaway. I purchased the book myself in order to support my friend and am giving it away to one of my readers because I love you :)


  1. Sarah says:

    Because I literally just quit my job to pursue full time blogging. If I don’t NEED to read this book, then I don’t know who does.

  2. Laura Terrey says:

    I need to know where all the crazy stories come from on her blog – she’s hilarious, not to mention super talented x

  3. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Lorraine is an amazing influence to the bloggisphere. Not only is it about restaurant reviews, it’s about recipes and traveling – a combination of everyone’s biggest dreams! She was one of the first blogs I began reading and inspired me to create my own.

  4. Lisa Butcher says:

    I desperately NEED to read this book because I believe I have spent the equivalent of printing costs printing every recipe on Not Quite Nigella’s blog!!
    This practice of printing recipes only started with recipes I “liked,” which naturally, was every post written! The display file I started of all the Not Quite Nigella recipes I liked has now expanded to three files!
    I feel it would benefit the trees and my tiny bookshelf space at home if I could combine this into one gorgeous little book that can sit on my bookshelf and be used nearly every day!!! As a baker and food blogger myself, I celebrate the wonderful achievement of being able to publish a personal cookbook.

  5. Lani K says:

    I’ve always thought of myself as “Not Quite Nigella” food-wise, so I NEED to see what this other NQN can rustle up. !

  6. christina lungo says:

    I need this book because cooking brings out a side to me that I love, I love the joy it brings others and the joy it brings myself when I eat it. And signed too? Who could ask for more!

  7. hmscat says:

    Baking and blogging are the bees knees so I need this book to inspirate me on my baking and blogging journey!

  8. Not Quite Nigel says:

    The Not Quite family sticks together! this book will come as great entertainment when I’m on my world-wide adventures, such as my recent safari in Kenya. Peace out fellow foodies!

  9. Hippie says:

    I always have my kids join me in the kitchen so this book would be ideal for my kid’s to have a enjoyable experience.

  10. Bizzy Lizzy says:

    Oh wow Christie, what a wonderful friend you are! (I do things like this on my blog too). I desperately need to read Lorraine’s book as I’ve been going through some difficult times lately with my health and a chronically ill family member. Though I’m beginning to bounce back, I think I would greatly benefit from Lorraine’s cheerful writing!

  11. Noom Bee says:

    it will keep my tastebuds blossuming

  12. Hayley says:

    I need to read the book because I need to give my cooking and a much needed boost and refresher!

  13. Isla says:

    Lorraine has posted some of her mum’s recipes online, as a daughter myself – I would love to learn a lot more from my mum.

    I am guessing some of her mum’s recipes are in it, and if I can’t learn from my mum (who lives overseas), Lorraine’s mum’s recipes will be just as good!

  14. Leah says:

    I would dearly love to own this book. Lorraine’s blog means a lot too me. It’s helped me out of some dark moments. Her humour about family and friends, not to mention all the delicious recipes and gorgeous food pics are simply amazing.
    Knowing that there would be a post everyday is a comforting and very welcoming sight, alongside my own coffee and baked goods.
    The lady is truly inspirational.

  15. I desperately need to learn to bring some love to my baking to be taught new flavours to tantalise my taste buds, I need inspiration…I need Not Quite Nigella.

  16. Seana Smith says:

    It’s just marvellous to see a fabulous blog reach a wider audience, and a new audience in book form. But it’s also going to be great for the blog lovers as there’s nothing quite like a real book in your hand, especially in the kitchen. Do you find that? I still love propping up a book and smudging it with flour, oil etc. Great that it’s part memoir and part cookbook. Hooray for Lorraine!

  17. Antonietta says:

    I love Lorraine and her blog, she has the most inspiring stories everyday and she has been everywhere! This book has been some time coming and she deserves every bit of recognition, I’d love to continue reading her experiences and enjoy her recipes :)

  18. Abby Lee says:

    I love Lorraine’s blog so a signed copy of her book would be the perfect “gift” for me :)

  19. Jane Earle says:

    I’m so glad NQN is now in book form because I like to leave chocolatey, buttery fingerprints to mark what I’ve cooked, and it hasn’t worked out so well for my laptop when I’ve been cooking straight from the blog. Please send me a book to butter up for posterity!

  20. I desperately need to read NQN’S book to reassure myself that even if my baking aspirations fall short I can still dream that one day I myself may achieve the supreme status of “Domestic Goddess”!

  21. cassandra says:

    because i this your fabulous and love what you do

  22. Claire Dawe says:

    I would love to win NQN’s book, I’m a longtime fan of Lorraine’s blog and want to start getting more inventive in the kitchen again. All of the other recipe books I’ve read recently have lacked creativity, this looks awesome.

  23. Deborah Barry says:

    Since hearing Lorraine on the weekend radio, I now subscribe to her blog and have cooked a few things from it, I am also passionate about travelling and cooking and now it seems NOT QUITE Nigella, too! I have scoured our local bookshops for it, to no avail. I am desperate to drool over each page in her life’s journey to date. Oh Yes…..!!!! Said in a Meg Ryan’s tone as in the movie ‘When Sally Met Harry’!
    Deborah Barry

  24. Bobbie Pecev says:

    I’ve been following Lorraine’s blog since almost the beginning and have been a huge fan. When she started writing the book she asked if we (the readers of the blog) have any questions and I did have a few; so I would love to win her book to check if she answered any of my questions :-)) And I would looooove a personal message in the book!!

  25. susieq452 says:

    I would love a copy of Lorraine’s book as I discovered her blog some time ago and just adore her recipes (of which I have made a few) I am sure there are a few delightful surprises in the book and would send it to my daughter in London. The funny thing is my daughter made one of Lorraine’s cakes (Sunken Sour Cherry Cake) for the cafe she works for in London. She had photographed it and I recognised it as I had made the same cake some time before unbeknown to her!! Great minds think alike. I messaged her and discovered that it was from Not Quite Nigella!! I love her blog and hope she sells many many copies!! Her recipes are divine!! Would love a signed copy!!

  26. milkteaxx says:

    NQN is the person who inspired me to start blogging, she is a wonderful and awesome human being. i desperately need this blog because reading her blog daily isn’t enough to sate my NQN appetite. i think we are both quirky and unique in the same way and this book would allow me know her even better!

  27. Stan Foong says:

    hi lorraine
    may i have the NQN personally signed book. it will be fantastic
    thank you

  28. Siobhan says:

    Hi Christie,
    I’ve long been a fan of NQN and your blog for some time. I’d love to win the signed copy as Lorraine is an amazing blogger with a real penchant for making you feel like you’re actually there with her enjoying an amazing dish together! I am so glad she has been recognised for her great talent and I hope many more books are to come.
    Thanks, Siobhan :)

  29. Sweet Enough says:

    I spend my mornings with my mouth watering at my screen,
    My evenings following her recipes for dinner.
    Weekends traipsing all over Sydney in pursuit of the perfect meal,
    And my nights dreaming of living her life and travelling the world.

    And all because of a NQN obsession!

  30. Louise says:

    I would love the book because I have enjoyed NQN and would relly like to read her story.

  31. Nigella has created some wicked feeds and I need a little wicked to get the family to want to sit as a family on the dinner table once more

  32. When it comes to cooking & baking, it’s usually ‘Waist’ not want not but now i’m ‘Dying to try It’ instead of ‘Trying to Diet’!

  33. I would give it my mum Edith just to prove that you can have your cake and ‘Edith’ too!

  34. Melinda says:

    NQN is my favourite recipe website. I need this book because having a collection of Lorraine’s recipes in paper format will be very useful, given my home Internet connection is patchy, at best.

  35. Michelle Green says:

    Need NQN book to teach me to cook
    last meal I attempted made everyone crook
    Please Lorraine Elliott help this nitwit
    cook up a storm and impress my close knit.

  36. i need this book because my kids are bored of the same Vanilla cupcakes from the last past years so i need a twist to have fresh new recipes and surprise to my guest with the best cakes

  37. Guest says:

    my kids are bored of the same Vanilla
    cupcakes from the last past years so i need a twist to have fresh
    new recipes and surprise to my guest with the best cakes

  38. ACasa says:

    3 words… Rainbow Meringue Kisses. Love Lorraine’s idea that nothing bad can happen when there are rainbows. I need a little rainbow luck right now.

  39. Justin Frick says:

    There is nothing better than good food
    to create joy and lift a mood
    So learning to cook such an amazing treat
    Would be such a wonderful feat

  40. natalie foster says:

    Im tired of using “box” cakes and need some inspiration, Lorraine’s cook book can help me develop some ‘creation’….

  41. Cause it sounds like a book that I could learn so much from

  42. Lorraine’s blog you cannot miss

    her witt and humour is a hit

    to write about things you cannot do

    takes more courage than what others do

  43. Caroline Nicholls says:

    Couldn’t blog to save my life and my cooking’s not much better. Definitely Not Quite Nigella here either. But would love to be helped onto the right path.

  44. Inspiration in a book, I love Nigella, so definitely worth a look because we all know, she is a fabulous cook!

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