Cooking with pears: a competition3

Posted on April 6, 2011 by ChristieCompetitions

In my humble opinion, there is nothing more fantastic than receiving seasonal produce in pristine condition, so you can imagine how I beamed with delight at receiving the above package.

Nine perfect pears of both Packham Triumph and Williams varieties and a bunch of mystery box goodies. How very Masterchef.

I am now on a mission to create a delicious dish that will go into a competition judged by David Bitton.

It’s quite nerve wracking and exciting and I already have an idea of how I will use these pears and some of the mystery ingredients of blue cheese, wild rice, monkey nut chutney and rosemary thyme and vanilla oil.

Once I’ve completed my creation I’ll post it here for your opinion.

Disclaimer: Fig & Cherry received the above package with compliments from Tegan at Impact Communications and Australian Pears.

Until then, happy cooking! Christie x


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