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Around the world in… a life time! Stories from my various travels, mostly edible.

In 2009, hubby and I embarked on a trip of a lifetime, visiting 26 cities in 6 months. I’ve posted a lot of our adventures, but there are still so many in the archives plus more trips to come!

Foreign Food Fridays: Tokyo, Japan

Posted on July 16, 2010

This bowl of perfectly fresh raw seafood and other yummy ingredients was transformed into a delicious Japanese pancake called Okonomiyaki.

The restaurant we ate it in was in the Shibuya district of Tokyo and it was a very cool experience because the restaurant was set up with little booths that had large flat hot plates built into the tables.

Diners then get to choose from a large menu of options and cook the food themselves. It’s a great, interactive way to eat out!

We were really lucky to have some lovely Japanese ladies in the booth next us. I imagine we looked a bit bewildered when the bowl of raw ingredients was set down in front of us so they gave us a little demo.

For more pictures of the cooking process and a peek inside the restaurant click the ‘Read the rest of this article’ button below. (more…)

Foreign Food Fridays: Budapest, Hungary

Posted on July 9, 2010

A very naughty breakfast! Or if you’re European, a very normal breakfast :)

These lovely pastries were devoured at Gerbeaud Budapest alongside a generous bread basket with jam, honey, butter, orange juice and good strong coffee.

The coffee was accompanied by a sugar coated biscuit – as if we needed it!

The choux pastries were far too sweet for my liking but Dillon gobbled them up in no time. I was sad to find that there was no custard inside, just plain pastry that was super buttery, light and flaky.

It was a warm Summer day last year in August and we sat outside at a table with an umbrella and soaked up the sunshine.

The next day we visited by Hungarian grandma (Nagy Mama) and she cooked up a massive feast. I’ll feature that in a future Foreign Food Fridays post.

Have a great weekend, Christie x

Foreign Food Fridays: Brooklyn, NYC

Posted on July 2, 2010

Apologies to my American readers as this food is not very ‘foreign’ for you!

For everyone else, please behold the mega baskets of food you can get at the American chain restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar.

Above is the Ribs & Popcorn Shrimp Combo and below is the Ribs & Traditional Wings Combo, both of which are size-able meals.

I was absolutely fascinated with the love of dipping sauces in America, you can get them for everything; even burgers and sandwiches!  Kinda weird, but very tasty.

We got to choose two different ones for this meal and I think I got Mango Habanero and Classic Wing Sauce Medium (there’s 14 to choose from!). (more…)

Foreign Food Fridays: Fez, Morocco

Posted on June 25, 2010

Foreign Food Fridays is a new regular series I’m starting.

It’s a way to share all the amazing food experiences I had while travelling last year. (Quick update for new readers: I spent the last six months of 2009 travelling to 10 countries and 26 cities with my hubby).

I took around 5000 photos during the six months and a large majority of them were food related – not very surprising really!

This year I’ve decided to take a reality check and admit that I’ll probably never get around to writing the reviews that go with the photos so I’m going to post them here every Friday instead.

For the very first edition I’m starting in Morocco which was the most incredible mouth-watering flavour experience ever. Truly inspirational.

Can you guess what this dish is? (more…)

Satiate Restaurant, Bangalow: Review

Posted on May 4, 2010

Satiate Bangalow Amuse Bouche

My 2nd wedding anniversary degustation dinner at Satiate in Bangalow, NSW Australia

This review is a million years overdue. 4 months to be exact.

My 2nd wedding anniversary was in early January this year and we celebrated it at the gorgeous Satiate Restaurant in Bangalow on the NSW north coast (which is near the more famous, Byron Bay).

The degustation with matching wines was absolutely amazing and the perfect way reflect on two great years of marriage.

I’m being a bit lazy with this review and letting the pictures say a thousand words for me… hopefully you’ll give me a break because I’m pregnant! Enjoy…

Above: Complimentary amuse bouche of savoury custard and crispy proscuitto. I love savoury custard and this one was soooo good! Silky, nicely set and still a little warm. (more…)

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