Taste Tests

The best perk of being a food blogger is getting to eat lots of scrumptious things (usually for free) and then writing about them.

My personal favourite though, is receiving fresh produce or condiments to experiment with in my cooking adventures.

A week of yummy (free!) treats

Posted on May 10, 2009

[Sovereign Hill Raspberry Drops]

Ah, the life of a food blogger – free food!

Last week I got a lovely surprise when packages turned up two days in a row with delicious edible treats! The first to arrive was some Sovereign Hill raspberry drops wrapped in old fashioned brown paper, tied with string and finished with a red wax seal. Posh! (more…)

Wasabi + chicken + noodle = patties

Posted on May 8, 2009

[Wasabi chicken noodle patties]

Pure wasabi – as hot or as mild as you want it to be!

Don’t you love that tagline? It really makes you think ‘Oh good, I like my wasabi hot’ OR ‘Oh good, I like my wasabi mild’. After all, the customer is always right! Right? (more…)

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2009

Posted on April 21, 2009

[*THE* reason to go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show – dagwood dogs!]

As I entered the gates my mind was focused on my first mission – find a dagwood!

I didn’t actually find one until an hour later, after I’d got soaking wet from a sun shower and just missed out on seeing the Racing and Diving Pigs, the only show I wanted to see. I’m sorry I missed you Smokey. I’ll see you one day. (more…)

The perfect partner: Spinach + avocado salad w/ sesame wasabi dressing

Posted on April 18, 2009

[Spinach and avocado salad w/ sesame wasabi dressing]

This salad is just crying out to be served with some BBQ’d tofu – the perfect vegan meal!

It would also be right at home next to a nice piece of salmon, a grilled chicken breast, a juicy steak – can you see where I’m going with this?  Yes that’s right, it goes with everything! (more…)

Salmon wasabi leaf canapes w/ sauce

Posted on April 14, 2009

[Salmon wasabi leaf canapes w/ wasabi and soy dipping sauce (sauce not shown)]

This recipe uses the stem, leaf stems and leaves of the fresh wasabi plant all at once!

Here is the first of my wasabi recipes as promised.

UPDATE 15/4/09: lots of people are asking in the comments what the leaves taste like. Check this post where I give a full description. Cheers!

The wonderful guys at Shima Wasabi sent me a pack with a wasabi stem, wasabi leaf stems and wasabi leaves to play with – and I’ve loved every minute with this gorgeous produce! I’ve even frozen the remaining part of the stem and crossed my fingers it’s still going to grate beautifully once defrosted.

Although I was initially intimidated by it’s bumpy looks the wasabi stem is indeed very friendly to the home cook. There’s no fiddly peeling or prepping as you simply grate the stem as is and let it release it’s pungent and beautiful aroma into your kitchen. (more…)

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