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My gorgeous wedding cake

Posted on January 25, 2008

Wedding cake table[photography by Jane Kelly, cake by Crumbs! Cake Art]

Behold, my gorgeous wedding cake.

I’m sorry, but I have to show off about this. Not only did this cake look and taste fabulous, it was a structural masterpiece!

The actual cake bit (which looks like the vase) was four different cakes layered on top of each other. Four delicious flavours; passionfruit mud, bailey’s white chocolate mud, dark chocolate mud and fruit cake. To top it off, all the sugared flowers were hand made and edible.

Oh, one last thing – fairy lights were placed in between the flowers and powered by a small battery pack covered in icing. So incredibly clever, I’m still in awe of the craftsmanship.

This gorgeous creation was made by the wonderful Jon Perkins of Crumbs! Cake Art. Jon is the loveliest woman, so patient and creative. I whole heartedly recommend you go to her next time you need a special occasion cake. It’s a bit of trek out to her Annangrove home, but it smells divinely of cakes and icing – yum!

A special mention to my excellent photographer and friend Jane Kelly, who captured all the perfect moments and made the wedding (and this cake) look straight out of a fairy tale.

OK, that’s enough bragging.

Happy cooking, Christie

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