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Rockefeller Center Cafe, NYC

Posted on November 23, 2009

Rockefeller cafe burger

Love the view and the HUGE portions!

30 Rock is one of my favourite TV shows so I was very excited to have lunch at the Rockefeller Center in New York City where the show is set.

During Winter, a public ice skating rink is set up, and the cafe is located right beside it (with a glass window separating you and the skaters).

It’s a cosy little restaurant with very attentive waiters who make it their priority you never have an empty water glass. (more…)

Lunch at L’Amphitryon in Colomiers

Posted on November 12, 2009

L'Amphitryon Amuse Bouche

A science experiment?

Nope. It’s the start to an amazing meal and all thanks to David Rosengarten, a New York-based food and wine writer (currently Editor of Saveur) I met on Twitter.

I put the call out for suggestions for restaurants in Toulouse and David came back immediately with L’Amphitryon which I’m so glad I acted upon.

It’s about a 15 minute drive from Toulouse, although it took us quite a bit longer because we missed the turn off, then our iphone ran out of battery and we became map-less (a word?). I’m normally very organised, but I hadn’t written down the address or the name and so we found ourselves in a big pickle. (more…)

How to fit in like a local in Venice

Posted on October 31, 2009

Campari Aperitif

Nobile Pasticcerie Venice

Afternoon delight

You know what’s great about eating out in Italy? Campari aperitifs.

There’s a choice of sweet or bitter but I always choose bitter. It goes better with the olive and whatever savoury snack you’re having with it; nuts, sliced meats, bread or the delightful little pizza pies pictured above.

It was a hot day and we’d been walking quite a while through the back streets of Venice when we happened past the Nobile Pasticcerie with a lot of people gathered around, smoking furiously.

A quick peek inside revealed why. Sweet and savoury snacks were carefully arranged behind a glass counter; individual pizza pies, spinach and ricotta pastries, big fluffy white meringues and pistachio biscotti were all piled dazzlingly high.

They were being eaten by locals with one hand while the other held a Campari aperitif and somehow they also smoked a cigarette (a third hand?). We immediately wanted to do the same. Not the smoking bit, but all the rest. (more…)

Where to get a meal cooked by a real Italian Nonna in Rome

Posted on October 5, 2009

Alfredo & Ada's Rome: Homemade Wine

Go to Alfredo e Ada’s of course!

After our posh drink and snacks at Hotel Raphael we walked through the cobble-stoned and picturesque streets of Rome to Alfredo e Ada’s.

I need to quickly brag that I read the map and got us there. I’m bragging because I’m extremely bad at reading maps and usually give up half way through in tears. But this time I persevered and got it right. A proud occasion for me!

Our mate Douglas told us to ask for the red wine as soon as we sat down because it’s home made and better than the white wine they serve. He was right, it was delicious. I love the way it’s served in a carafe with little tumblers rather than wine glasses. (more…)

Where to get the best view of Rome at sunset (free entry!)

Posted on September 14, 2009

Hotel Raphael Rome, Italy

Simply have a drink at Hotel Raphael‘s gorgeous terrace bar.

You can make a reservation if you like, but we didn’t. It’s a super posh hotel so dress up nicely and waltz on through the lobby and up to the terrace bar.

You’ll be absolutely stunned at the the incredible view and you didn’t have to queue up or pay an entrance fee. If you’ve been to Rome, then you’ll know that’s quite a feat and definitely something to brag about.

Sure the drinks are expensive but they come with complimentary snacks. Yummy ones. Click ‘read more’ to see pictures of them. (more…)

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