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Review: Sonoma Bakery Cafe, Alexandria

Posted on July 4, 2011

If you live in Sydney, I’m sure you have eaten (or at least heard of) Sonoma bread. It’s the bakery of choice for most good restaurants, cafes and delis.

Sonoma have several cafes across Sydney, and have just opened a brand new head office and large commercial bakery at Alexandria, along with an on-site cafe serving breakfast and lunch. I tried one of their delicious sandwich combinations of pulled pork, cucumber and herbs on one of my three visits last week.

The first visit was for a meeting with Liquid Ideas, their PR company, but I wrote the meeting time down incorrectly and was an hour late (damn baby brain! Can I still blame it after almost 8 months?). The second visit was for the meeting, at the right time, and the third was with hubby and Poppy early on Saturday morning to check out their breakfast menu. (more…)

Review: Lotus Asian Restaurant, Marrickville

Posted on May 30, 2011

This is the first restaurant I have reviewed in Marrickville despite living here for just over a year now! I really can’t believe it and I promise to rectify that soon with lots more posts about the fabulous suburb of Marrickville. There are a lot of restaurants now using the shadow kitchen model.

For now, let’s chat about Lotus Asian Restaurant.

The first thing we notice as we step inside on a very windy and chilly Monday night is the warm, inviting glow from the deep orange painted walls. There are several wooden tables and chairs and a large communal table. A party of four, the only diners, are on their way out.

The fact that it’s not busy is unsurprising, as Marrickville is hardly pumping on a Monday night, and Lotus is situated on the less popular main street, Illawarra Rd, near the train station. (more…)

Review: Uchi Lounge, Surry Hills

Posted on March 31, 2011

Uchi Lounge is a little Japanese gem hidden in a laneway off Oxford St.

We made the mistake of taking our 4 month old with us who was overtired and quite grumpy. I recommend you visit baby-less and fancy free so you can really enjoy yourself. Apologies to the group of four career women who were seated at the table next to us, you are now probably put off having kids for life!

For the complete experience, start with a sake cocktail in the bar downstairs and then head up the very steep staircase (not great for prams, another reason to leave bub at home!) and get ready to feast like a Queen (sorry male readers, or King).

There was three of us on this visit and we tried a lot of dishes so there are plenty of photos for you…


Capital Grill, Circular Quay + POM Juice

Posted on March 14, 2011

Capital Grill has loads of fabulous meat on the menu and hubby was especially drooling over the Wagyu sirloin with 5+ marbling from Oakleigh ranch in QLD.

However, we will have to go back to try those mouth-watering steaks because on this visit we were there to try the pomegranate inspired dishes that Head Chef and owner, Dah Lee, created in partnership with POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice.

The dishes have been on the menu all Summer and are about to be removed so head down there soon to check them out! Let’s take a photo journey of them now… (more…)

Aperitivo Wine Bar & Restaurant, Leichhardt

Posted on March 10, 2011

If you’re heading to Leichhardt and thinking of going to the Italian Forum for some good Italian food… Don’t. Just keep driving.

That’s right, keep the motor running, zoom past the Forum and cruise down Norton street until you arrive at 163. It’s on the right hand side.

Congratulations, you have found Aperitivo.

Sorry to be so blunt about where to go to eat, but experienced travellers will always warn you to never eat on the square. European cities, like Italy, are notorious for having gorgeous alfresco dining areas with bustling restaurants where the food is absolutely terrible and over-priced to boot!

If you’re smart, then you know to trawl the back streets until your legs are sore and you’ve almost worn a hole in your shoe, because only then will you find a culinary gem that will deliver on taste, service and price. With memories to last you a lifetime.

Don’t be fooled like a tourist in your own city. Be adventurous the next time you visit Leichhardt and give Aperitivo a whirl. Here are some good reasons why… (more…)

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