Cookware Tests

I am a bit of an appliance freak. I love trying out new kitchen gadgets and the best part of writing this blog is testing new products and working with great brands.

No gadget is too small or too big to review, so if you have one then please get in touch via my PR/Advertising page.

Coffee muffins w/ mascarpone icing + Nespresso Pixie

Posted on July 31, 2011

Warning: Lots of muffin recipes will be appearing on Fig & Cherry over the next month or so.

Will that be a problem with you? No, I didn’t think so!

I am currently working on creating eight different muffin flavour combinations for Vitasoy and will be revealing them all to you in the coming weeks. My neighbours absolutely love me right now because they get to be my tasters – but don’t get too jealous, they have to eat the stuff-ups too!

These rich coffee muffins, however, were one of the good batches. Flavoured with freshly brewed coffee, moistened with ground almonds and topped with a creamy mascarpone and boozy marsala icing (that’s frosting, for you lovely American readers), they are totally irresistible. (more…)

Marion: Recipes and stories from a hungry cook

Posted on July 13, 2011

Marion Grasby was my favourite contestant from series 1 of Masterchef Australia, so when I received a copy of her new cookbook I was more than a little excited. I am also just a little bit, OK a lot, obsessed with Thai food and love seeking out new recipes to try (even though they never taste as good as at my local Thai restaurant!).

Her cookbook is exactly how I expected it; equals parts quirky and stylised. Kind of like Marion. It has gorgeous typography with interesting fonts, colours and cute line drawings in my favourite colour – pink! Fluro pink, no less. It is divided up into easy to navigate sections with short names like ‘Mornings’, ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Big Plates’ and each recipe has a little story to go with it, written in Marion’s friendly voice. (more…)

Review: Breville Flavour Maker Slow Cooker

Posted on May 17, 2011

I am really excited to share this kitchen appliance with you as it is not often that new versions of appliances really push the boundaries, and that’s why I always want to protect my appliances, so it’s also a great idea for me to make sure that I have good cover for all of my kitchen appliances and there are plans available that cover several kitchen appliances  which are a great choice for me.

Sometimes new features are added, like a light or a cordless version. Sometimes they re-jig the design to make it look better without actually adding anything to the user experience (other than make you want to display it on your kitchen counter because it is so shiny/pretty/pink!).

You’ll agree when I say that slow cookers are not easy to sex-up. However, this new one from Breville is pretty darn exciting, in my humble opinion.

What’s so good about it? I hear you ask. OK, here’s the thing… you can remove the insert and brown things on the stove top! Ta-da!

If you haven’t used a slow cooker before then you’ll probably be rolling your eyes saying ‘so what?’, but if you use them regularly, you’ll know that this feature is pure genius.

Slow cooker-lovers (like me) know how annoying it is to have to brown things in a pan and then transfer them to the slow cooker. It means there is another pan to wash up (uggh!) and all the precious yummy, sticky browned bits are still stuck to the pan that’s going in the wash (double uggh!). (more…)

Homemade breadcrumbs

Posted on April 14, 2011

I would like to declare publicly here and now that I will NEVER, ever buy packaged breadcrumbs again.

I am seriously aghast that I haven’t tried to make my own breadcrumbs before but now that I have done it using my beloved Braun Multiquick Cordless I will be making them every time we buy a loaf of bread. As in, all the time.

These delicious little morsels were blitzed into existence in about 30 seconds using the end pieces of two different loaves of bread – Burgen Soy and Linseed and Helga’s Harvest Grains and Seeds – which are my favourite packaged breads. As a result, the breadcrumbs were flecked with delicious whole grains and seeds like sesame, poppy and pumpkin and so much the better for it! (more…)

Dreamfarm Vebo and Scizza

Posted on November 7, 2010

I recently got sent these two cooking appliances from Dreamfarm to test out. You might know the company for their famous potato masher called a Smood.

Pictured above is a Vebo and a Scizza.

The Vebo is a versatile little container that you can boil or steam stuff in and then simply lift it out of the pot to drain – with no messy transferring to a colander!

It’s made of soft, malleable plastic and squashes down almost flat so you can easily store it inside any small saucepan. Perfect for me, as I’m just about out of cupboard space – too many cooking appliances!

I’ve used it for peas, potatoes and chinese prawn dumplings so far and am looking forward to possibly using it for baby food further down the track. (more…)

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