Start lowering your carbon footprint on ‘Meatless Mondays’ with these dishes.

It is so important to not only help the planet but to also maintain (or reduce) our waistlines by having at least one meat-free meal a week. I have many more than that and I love sharing them here for your inspiration.

Christmas pancakes

Posted on December 11, 2013


Yep, I’m giving everything the Christmas makeover at the moment. I just love helping you prepare for the festivities!

First there was the chilled dairy free eggnog, then a delicious rolled turkey breast with cranberry couscous stuffing and most recently, some delectable christmas cake brownies (yum, yum, double yum!).

Today I present you with… christmas pancakes. Go on, I know you want to! (more…)

Christmas cake brownies

Posted on December 9, 2013


Just when you thought all the brownie flavours were played out… bam! I present you with christmas cake brownies. Chocolatey squares that are delightfully supercharged with dried fruit, spices and blanched almonds.

You’re welcome.

Two beautiful desserts come together here in one festive treat that is so versatile. Serve in small squares with coffee or tea, plate up with custard as dessert, sneak a bit from the fridge between meals, or maybe for breakfast – hey, it’s the holidays, live a little!¬† (more…)

Dairy free eggnog {chilled version}

Posted on December 5, 2013


The best thing I have to say about this drink is… it got my daughter to eat eggs again! Without even knowing it {insert evil laugh here}.

Getting her to eat any animal-based protein has been a challenge. She’ll either try it once or eat it for a short time before never touching it again (despite repeat offerings). It’s frustrating, to say the least. Hence why I have resorted to cookies filled with chickpeas. More on that another day.

One thing she does love though, is a good milkshake. Especially one with a frothy top, babycino style. So when she saw me whizzing up this concoction she eyed it off until I let her try some. Which I very happily did and then sat there grinning from ear to ear like a stupid cheshire cat knowing that she had just eaten an egg. Raw, mind you, but still! (more…)

Mediterranean smashed avocado on roasted flat mushroom

Posted on November 25, 2013


Sometimes I feel like a really light breakfast that is carb-free and packed with veggies. Mind you, it’s usually after I’ve had a massive pizza feast the night before, but still – my mind is in the right healthy headspace.

I’m actually a big believer in getting at least one serve of veggies in at breakfast time, especially on the weekend, as that’s when I’m usually prone to ordering more cheekily than usual (um, hello battered barramundi and chips!).

Do you fall into the weekend naughty eating trap too? No? You’ve probably got more self control then.

Anyway, this recipe combines many of my favourite things – mediterranean flavours, mushrooms and buttery ripe avocado – and also happens to be vegan, paleo, gluten free and dairy free. Winning!¬† (more…)

Avocado, pesto, lemon and rocket on olive sourdough

Posted on November 4, 2013


Avocados, how do you eat them?

I’m a big fan of them at breakfast with eggs or mushrooms. Or simply slathered onto toast with vegemite. I just find them so easy to grab and use.

I guess it really helps that the Northern Rivers region is absolutely brimming with avocado farms as well as locals growing and selling them out the front of their properties at honesty stalls.

They are so abundant that I simply cannot imagine my kitchen without them.


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