Most of these delicious side-kicks are so yummy they can be eaten as filling meals in their own right with a nice chunk of fresh bread, but they also complement their protein partners perfectly. Sitting demurely next to them on the plate.

Salads are also in this category, I hope you enjoy them!

The easiest salad in the world

Posted on January 14, 2012

Not only is this the easiest salad in the world, but it can also be the tastiest if made with home grown vegetables.

I was lucky enough to score a beautifully crisp and slightly bitter home grown cucumber and knew this was the only way it could be served. (more…)

Savoury fetta and olive muffins (plus, they’re GF!)

Posted on August 29, 2011

I’m really quite partial to a savoury muffin. They’re much better than a boring slice of toast for dunking into soup and they soak up gravy with gusto.

However, the best way to eat them is warm, sliced in half and slathered with good butter. No accompanying meal required. (more…)

Potato and ricotta croquettes

Posted on May 12, 2011

Ever since I discovered how easy it is to make homemade breadcrumbs I have gone a little breadcrumb-crazy.

These are a case in point.

Crunchy little parcels with a creamy, cheesy centre that are oh-so-moreish. Make sure you have people coming over, otherwise you’ll eat the whole batch, like I did.

Feel free to substitute in your favourite herbs if parsley and basil don’t float your boat. Ditto the ricotta – some goats curd or feta are also really nice stuffed in the middle. If you’re feeling carnivorous then a slice of jamon (Iberico, please) could also hide in there. (more…)

Orange braised fennel w/ roast pork

Posted on September 5, 2010

I just couldn’t resist a massive crunchy bulb of fennel at the market the other week. It seemed to be crying out ‘take me home!’.

Young small bulbs are irresistible sliced paper-thin and eaten raw, but the larger ones, like this one, are best suited to braising so the flavour mellows out and sweetens.

The addition of fresh orange juice adds another layer of sweetness and makes it a great partner for pork, which I sat on top of the fennel while it braised.

Click the button below for photos of the final result, to get the easy recipe and see a drool-worthy crackling shot! (more…)

Summer greens w/ fresh tomato sauce

Posted on February 14, 2010

Summer greens with fresh tomato sauce

Summer greens with fresh tomato sauce

It’s the last month of Summer in Australia and as someone who loves to eat seasonally, I (literally) push to grab the last of the crisp green beans and shiny zucchinis at the farmers market.

I really get a buzz out of selecting what I deem the best vegetables from what’s available. I think it’s got something to do with having mini-obsessions with cleanliness and perfectionism.

Note: if you see me at the market, run! I’m obviously slightly nutty. :)

I really love greens simply steamed or quickly stir fried with lots of black pepper and drizzled with grassy olive oil or nutty sesame oil. Although this recipe is for those who like to eat their greens with a sauce. (more…)

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