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Bliss balls for kids (with 5 ways to boost them nutritionally!)

Posted on June 2, 2014


My little girl is a super fussy eater. It’s both her age (3.5) and her sensory issues (autism). So instead of always forcing her to eat nutritious foods, I hide them in treats. That’s not to say I never offer healthy foods, the opposite is true.

Some days I just want an easy ride, you know what I mean?

One particular favourite of mine for hiding the good stuff is bliss balls. I’m sure the name comes from the bliss you feel watching your child eat hidden vegetables.

I’ve provided the basic recipe, but there are so many possibilities for add ins. Let me give you some ideas.  (more…)

Easter bunny scrambled eggs {gluten free, kid friendly}

Posted on April 17, 2014


Begin the weekend festivities with a fun and healthy breakfast to get the kids (and you!) off to a good start.

Everyone knows that keeping blood sugar levels as stable as possible at this time of year is difficult, there is just so much temptation around!

And with all the chocolate-scoffing, it’s more important than ever to get a good brekky into the kids so that you can have a hope-in-hell of making it through the day(s) without too many sugar tantrums.


5 minute tropical sorbet {sugar free, dairy free, vegan}

Posted on February 25, 2013

Do you want to hang onto summer for just a little while longer? Me too.

Well lovely, you’re in luck, because I’ve come up with a solution.

First, go and buy the last of the cheap mangoes and bananas, then hurry back to the kitchen. Next, peel and chop up the flesh and chuck it into a container and pop it into the freezer.

The last bit is the tough bit… wait 4 hours or overnight for those fruit babies to freeze. Once they’re completely solid, you’re only 5 minutes away from stuffing your face full of sorbet. Healthy sorbet. (more…)

Toddler biscuits with craisins and oats

Posted on November 23, 2012

These are called toddler biscuits for a reason. Don’t be tempted to sneak one with your cup of tea, you will probably not enjoy it. You have been warned!

Have you ever tried a rusk? They’re not particularly tasty, but toddlers love them! These taste a bit like those, as in, bland and not particularly sweet.

They are dairy-free, vegetarian and best of all, contain dried fruit and oats – yummy toddler favourites. Well they are of my little Miss P anyway.

If your little one is used to packaged biscuits it may take a while to wean them onto these, but it will be worth it. There’s nothing better than a biscuit made lovingly by your mum (or dad!) that has all real ingredients and no nasties. (more…)

Coconut fish bites, all wrapped up!

Posted on November 6, 2012

These are baked, not fried, so they are a much healthier take on crumbed fish.

Speaking of crumbs – there are none!

Here I have used brown rice flour and coconut to coat, which makes them gluten free. They are also egg-free and dairy-free thanks to a quick soaking in soy milk mixed with tamari sauce instead of egg. (more…)

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