I’m a BIG breakfast fan. As an early riser I seriously enjoy preparing myself a strong cup of tea and a healthy and delicious breaky to fuel my day. My favourite dishes include either eggs or a fruit, yoghurt and nut combo.

Sweet, savoury, healthy or indulgent. Be sure to start the day with your favourite flavours using one of my easy recipes.

Better late than never pancakes

Posted on February 26, 2009

[Wholemeal crepes with raw sugar and lemon]

With the realisation that in approximately 40 days I’ll be indulging in quite a lot of the darkest chocolate I can find I decided to make a healthier pancake to celebrate today.

It’s unthinkable, of course, to go without. I’m a 21st century woman after all – yes I can have my (pan)cake and eat it too! Thank you very much.

I just have to be clever about it. (more…)

My favourite snack at the moment

Posted on November 21, 2008

[Pear, cheese and cracked black pepper snack]

I go through trends with the snacks that I have for morning or afternoon tea and this is my latest obsession. (more…)

How to make Vegemite caramel

Posted on October 17, 2008

It’s the recipe some people have been waiting almost a month for – How to make Vegemite Caramel. Well, the wait is over folks, today’s the day. (more…)

Juicy, creamy, sweet n nutty. Who, me?

Posted on August 20, 2008

[Blood orange with ricotta, brazil nuts and honey]

Breakfast or dessert? You decide. The jury’s still out on my nuttiness though! (more…)

Top 5 breakfasts on high rotation

Posted on April 2, 2008

Mushroom and bacon omelette
[Mushroom and bacon open face omelette]

I’ve been inspired recently by a wonderful blog called Simply Breakfast. I think the concept is so clever and the name says it all, but here’s the really clever bit – there’s no copy. No description, nothing. Genius! You’d think it would be boring to look at one person’s breakfast everyday, but it isn’t. It’s really really intriguing. Especially for a sticky beak like me.

Well, there are few small catches that set it apart. Firstly, Jennifer is an accomplished photographer and has several other websites that showcase her work (not only of food) and secondly, the variety of different breakfasts is astonishing. The combinations coupled with the creative styling and fab photography make it a daily visit for me. (more…)

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