I’m a BIG breakfast fan. As an early riser I seriously enjoy preparing myself a strong cup of tea and a healthy and delicious breaky to fuel my day. My favourite dishes include either eggs or a fruit, yoghurt and nut combo.

Sweet, savoury, healthy or indulgent. Be sure to start the day with your favourite flavours using one of my easy recipes.

Pancetta and chilli scrambled eggs

Posted on February 7, 2010

Pancetta scrambled eggs

How to make perfect scrambled eggs!

Here’s the most important thing to remember; the ‘scrambling’ gets done when you whisk the eggs in the bowl – not in the pan!

Gentle scraping and swirling of the pan is all you need to create the lightest and fluffiest scrambled eggs; very little fiddling is needed. In fact, the more you move the eggs around the pan attempting to ‘scramble’ them, the more they’ll leak liquid, and become water-logged. Gross. I explain exactly how to do it properly in the recipe below.

The delicious rosemary pancetta by Montecatini that I was given a few weeks ago (remember the new Australian Pork TV commercial?) was absolutely delicious paired with fresh organic eggs and a good chilli kick.

I made it a little healthier by using no oil, low fat milk and no additional salt (as the pancetta is quite salty), but feel free to use full fat milk or cream to make it more indulgent. Either way, it’s the perfect Saturday morning breakfast to get your weekend on track! (more…)

Banana pancakes w/ golden manuka honey ice cream + almonds

Posted on January 31, 2010

Banana pancakes

(sing) I scream, you scream because I got free ice cream!

Hooray for free ice cream! The HUGE 9L tub, yes you read that right – 9 litres, was too much for this girl and her hubby to eat! Lucky I’ve got two sisters, a brother and a Mum and Dad who looooove ice cream. I’m sharing it with them.

Do you know how big 9L looks? Think about when you go to the ice cream shop and they scoop out your portion from a big rectangle tub. It’s that big.

I got this free because New Zealand Natural Ice Cream have a new flavour called Golden Manuka Honey. If you want to try some for free, head to their stores to grab a free scoop when you purchase any ice cream.

I’m a big fan of Manuka honey for it’s amazing health benefits and healing capabilities. If you spread a little on an open wound it protects bacteria getting in and can also help with digestion and inflammation when eaten regularly.

This new ice cream is flavoured with manuka honey and has a swirl of golden kiwifruit through it. It’s very sweet, so I think it needs to be eaten in small portions – perfect as a topping for pancakes! (more…)

Salt & pepper breakfast tofu recipe

Posted on October 15, 2009

Salt & Pepper breakfast tofu

Enjoying Autumn / Fall in the Northern Hemisphere!

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons as I absolutely adore mushrooms of all types; oyster, ceps, truffles, portabello, enoki, chanterelle, swiss browns and more.

I’m currently in Toulouse, where they sell at least 5 types of mushrooms in the supermarket. What a joy! I don’t know if it’s because mushrooms are in season or if it’s always like that, but I’m glad to have so much choice.

Mushrooms are incredibly versatile and can be thrown into almost any dish, from omelettes to lasagne. I love large flat ones roasted whole so the cap gets all juicy or small button ones crumbed and dipped into garlicky aoili dusted with paprika.

This time I’ve sauteed some shimeji and oyster mushrooms with firm tofu and served on rustic, lightly-toasted bread. It’s perfect as a vegan breakfast or light lunch. It’s also very good served with coconut rice. (more…)

Breakfast gets a healthy grilling

Posted on July 6, 2009

[Grilled apricots with yoghurt and walnuts]

Rise and shine it’s breakfast time!

I’m a big fan of simple and nutritious breakfasts. If you eat a healthy breakfast then you’re more likely to continue making healthy choices for the rest of the day. Well that’s true for me anyway.

I’m what people call ‘a morning person’ – read: super perky to the point of annoyance. Actually, that’s me most of the time, but especially at sunrise.

So preparing a breakfast dish that takes a bit of time is fine with me but I realise for most people that’s not an option. They’d rather roll over and sleep some more and settle for a takeaway coffee and a sweet pastry or bacon ‘n egg McMuffin (please don’t do it!). (more…)

St. Paddy’s inspired breakfast parfait

Posted on March 17, 2009

St Patrick\'s Day festive parfait

[Mango and basil breakfast parfait]

Start the day off right with this healthy breakfast!

Whether it’s St Patrick’s Day or just a regular day of the week it’s easy to get stuck in a breakfast rutt. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you follow me on twitter then you’ll probably already know what I have for breakfast most days. (more…)

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