I’m a BIG breakfast fan. As an early riser I seriously enjoy preparing myself a strong cup of tea and a healthy and delicious breaky to fuel my day. My favourite dishes include either eggs or a fruit, yoghurt and nut combo.

Sweet, savoury, healthy or indulgent. Be sure to start the day with your favourite flavours using one of my easy recipes.

Gimme a meal – STAT!

Posted on January 14, 2013

Since we moved up North, hubby and I have been working from home.

It’s not too bad as we have a two storey house so the office is upstairs away from the action. As in, excited toddlers and noisy vacuum cleaners, kind of action.

I wouldn’t say we love working from home. There’s something wonderful about both the quietness and sociability of being in an office that we both love. And we intend to get it back, just as soon as we find a house we’d like to buy. Then we’ll set up an office nearby. Hopefully bicycle riding distance.

One thing we do love about working from home is… lunch. More specifically, freshly prepared lunch. Lunch that is tailored to exactly what we are feeling like at that moment, not whatever we hastily jumbled together in a morning rush.

Hot, cold, crunchy, soft, spicy, creamy – they’re all possible. (more…)

Hubby’s favourite breakfast right now

Posted on December 11, 2012

Do you go through phases with breakfast? I do.

Sometimes I’ll eat muesli for weeks on end, or porridge every day in winter, or soft boiled egg on toast until I run out of eggs.

Not my hubby. He would eat cereal every day of his life if it wasn’t for me offering up different delights. Oh, I lie. He did change it up a few days a week in his late teens when he ate pop tarts. Remember those? Gross. (more…)

Fresh blueberry pancakes

Posted on November 12, 2012

On the weekend I posted a picture of my breakfast on Instagram. It was muesli topped with banana, yoghurt and lots of blueberries.

I captioned it:

“I’m right in the middle of a blueberry obsession with no end in sight”.

And I meant it.

I am totally gaga for these beautiful blue orbs at the moment. Mostly due to the fact that I can buy them in buckets at the farmers market in Byron Bay. As my father in law would say, it’s fan-tas-ma-gor-ical! (Made-up word).

I can eat them to my heart’s content every day and only just run out by the end of the week – when I can buy them again at the market. (more…)

Sweet potato and red capsicum frittata

Posted on October 29, 2012

Here we are at Meatless Monday again. Gosh they come around fast!

This week I’m going to do a bit of annoying boasting… all the herbs in this dish came from my garden. Cue smug smile.

And, we’re done. I’ll be back boasting again when I can claim some vegetables too.

Nothing much to say about today’s recipe except that frittatas are just fantastic for breakfast, lunch or dinner when you need to clean out the fridge of odds and ends. Bits of cheese, odd vegetables, limp herbs – they can all go in – and what comes out is a quick and filling meal.  (more…)

Creamy rhubarb and mandarin compote

Posted on October 1, 2012

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Gottcha!

Did you used to do that at school? I always got soooo cranky when someone got me first. Little perfectionist Christie would screw up her face and stamp her foot with annoyance. Actually, I still do that if someone beats me to something. Mature, I know!

Plenty of people have beat me to making a rhubarb compote, but I like to think that my twist of mandarin juice and zest, coupled with creamy soy milk is just a little bit original.

Please don’t google it and prove me wrong. Just let me have my 15 secs. Thanks. (more…)

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