These are both events I attend as well as ones that I host (such as my baby shower).

Hopefully they are of interest to you!

Review: Taste of Sydney Festival

Posted on March 15, 2009

Gundooee organic grass fed Wagyu beef burger
[Plan B: Gundooee organic grass fed Wagyu beef burger – Dillon loved this!]

Taste of Sydney Festival: A triumph of flavour and style!

Quick! Get down to the Taste of Sydney Festival – today is the last day! Read this review on your phone while you’re driving there to get you even more excited. Well, not literally while you’re driving, get your better half to drive while you check this out. OK, you’re strapped in? Let’s go… (more…)

Girly bloggers meet up #2: Yum Cha

Posted on March 1, 2009

[East Ocean Restaurant Yum Cha. L: Pork and ginger dumplings, R: BBQd pork]

Another yum cha adventure!

Today I met up at East Ocean for yum cha with a lovely bunch of women who also happen to be bloggers. The event was the second outing organised by Leigh (a very busy triple blogger: All for Women, Crazy Meezer and That’s Noice) that I’ve attended. The first event, you may remember, was at Max Brenners at Parramatta.

There was a good mix of blogging experience and areas of expertise – babies (of which I know nothing about yet) Mandi and Amanda , reality TV Emma and personal blogs Riayn, Laura and Leigh. (more…)

Bay Tinh Restaurant Media Launch

Posted on February 22, 2009

[Left: Tofu rice paper rolls, Right: Harry’s delicious cocktail ‘Tropical Night’]

On Thursday night I attended the media launch for Harry’s Bar de Ville with my friend Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella. It was at the wonderful Bay Tinh Restaurant in Marrickville which has just expanded to feature the new bar on the top level.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly meeting the passionate and talented Harry Hoang. Harry took some time out on the night to personally explain to Lorraine and I how he laboured over every dish on the menu to get the taste and texture just right. (more…)

Fig & Cherry presents…Potato Ho Down

Posted on January 21, 2009

If you *heart* potatoes then today is your lucky day!

It’s the January Potato Ho Down round up HOsted by yours truly, the HOstess with the mostess. Have you had enough HO words yet?

This month I’ve received 16 fabulous entries so brace yourself for a decadent potato-filled smorgasbord.

Thank you very much to Cathy at Noble Pig and Krysta at Evil Chef Mom for starting this wonderful event. Read more about it here.

Now, dust off your farm boots, we’re going HO-ing… (more…)

A very special Aussie-Japanese Xmas

Posted on January 9, 2009

[It just wouldn’t be an Aussie Xmas without fat, juicy prawns!]

I know this post is ridiculously late, but hey, better late than never right?

You’re about to indulge in a multiple course menu cooked by a Japanese chef and plated up beautifully by my parents-in-law Steve and Angela. (more…)

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